Carrboro's Premier Electrical Contractor

*Specializing in residential and commercial applications *Extensive experience in lighting design for homes and small business *Skilled at troubleshooting electrical problems *Apt at wiring renovations and additions *Experienced in electrical repairs of all shapes/sizes *Adept at designing and running low volt wiring systems

Our attention to detail, aesthetic appeal, and regard for both beauty and safety are things our company takes pride in. Superior customer service is always our number one priority.

More about brad

Brad Bonneville is the owner and lead electrician at Bonneville Electric. Brad and his spouse/business partner, Christine Council have been providing Carrboro and the surrounding areas with exceptional electrical services for over 15 years. 

Prior to launching Bonneville Electric, Brad operated his own home remodeling business. Brad’s experience in the building trade has given him an understanding of structure paired with an especially keen eye when designing lighting for homes and small businesses.

Carpentry and other related skills involved in remodeling have assisted Brad in developing an unique design approach. Brad’s background also provides him with the experience/expertise to carefully design and install wiring and lighting in historic homes. He is skilled at matching existing decor while enabling clients to have the proper lighting needed for today’s modern lifestyle.

Brad and Christine now employee a staff of skilled and devoted individuals who are also committed to Brad’s vision of excellence.