Back -wired Outlets

Back-wired (or backstabbed) outlets occur when wire is pushed through a hole in the back of an outlet to catch on a spring opposed to tightened down under the terminal screws on the side of a receptacle. 


*This connection is not reliable or safe.

*Over time the tension clips that hold back-stabbed wires loosen, in some cases causing the current to arc and generate heat.

*We see more fires, arcing, melted, and non-functional outlets due to back-wiring than any other issue.

How Common Are Back Wired Outlets? 

It is quite common for us to find back-wired outlets. Many customers have used them for years and have had no problems with them. However, it would be remiss of us to not alert you to the possibility that these outlets could fail, melt, or catch fire.

Fixing The Problem

Repairing back-wired outlets is not difficult. We simply attach the wiring to the side of the outlet where it can be screwed in resulting in a safer connection. We do recommend checking all the outlets in a home for back-stabbing. Contact us today if you are interested in more information on back wired outlets. 

*Arcing aka Electrical Arc -“An electric arc, or arc discharge, is an electrical breakdown of a gas that produces a prolonged electrical discharge. The current through a normally nonconductive medium such as air produces a plasma; the plasma may produce visible light.”